What is LexLax all about?
Words from the Doc
LexLax.org is a web venue for anything Lacrosse. My intent in publishing
these pages are for your benefit as a player, coach, and parent or fan of
the sport and to support the growth of lacrosse in Lexington, KY. I hope to
bring some new ideas regarding training, skills and innovative ideas on
setting up offenses and defenses. This is your forum to express ideas and
share strategies as most of the content listed here is free. I encourage all
to post your ideas as long as you know they become public domain as
soon as you offer them.

Since moving to Lexington, KY a little more than a year ago, I was amazed
to see the number of guys getting together to attempt playing a sport that
was a mainstay in my home state of New Jersey. I love it! I was convinced
to play lacrosse for my high school by a fellow freshman who had a
penchant for pain, my best friend John. We knew nothing about the sport
except that it was fast and potentially dangerous…the perfect storm of
elements for us. It was such a new sport to our school that we used old
hockey gear and curtain rods to patch together our equipment. Scaring
our parents to death after the first season, we eventually suited up the
correct way, give or take. Our early games are the stuff of legend that we
still tell around the dinner table when we get together: How I knocked my
best friend out who was setting up a screen on the crease…who knew the
ball would l climb that fast and be dead set on his jawbone?  Other stories
like the time I woke up on the sideline with the other team’s goalie in the
4th quarter (we knocked heads in the 2nd)…good times.

Lacrosse is a warrior sport…the stuff of young battle scarred soldiers. The
stories and the victories that bread the camaraderie can’t be replaced.
This is our Football, our Valkyrie…our story. After 10 years in the sport as
a player and now coach, having survived 2 concussions, multiple dings
including a reconstructed ACL in the Frankenstein era, I am still hooked.
Maybe even more now than when I played.

It’s with this attitude that I invite you to check out our workouts, skill tests
and blogs. There will be a shop coming soon for gear as well as
schedules for games around Lexington as well as team rosters. Whatever
we can do to drive the sport in our town….jump in!

Thanks for your Participation. Let me know what I can do to help you or to
make the site better.

In the name of the game…

A game invented by
American Indians; now
played by two teams who
use long-handled rackets
to catch and carry and
throw the ball toward the
opponents' goal
Welcome to Lexington Lacrosse!